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Rebecca Cheung, Ph.D.

Lab Director, Assistant Professor

I received my Ph.D. in developmental psychology from University of Notre Dame and joined The Education University of Hong Kong as an Assistant Professor in 2014. My work focuses on the processes underlying mental health and adjustment in diverse contexts. More specifically, I study the role of contextual factors (e.g., culture and family processes) and psychological factors (e.g., mindfulness and emotion regulation) that shape the course of development and mental health. I am also eager to investigate and employ evidence-based approaches to improve people's mental health. Aside from research and teaching, I enjoy reading, watching movies, listening to all kinds of music, and travelling.


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Menchie Leung, M.Ed.

Lab Manager

I received my BA in Music from Hong Kong Baptist University and an MEd from The Education University of Hong Kong. My current interests include music education, emotions, and mental health. I hope to utilize what I have learnt in the lab and pursue relevant studies in music and psychology. In my free time, I like making music with friends.


Sandy Cheng, B.S.Sc.

Lab Manager

I received my undergraduate degree in Psychology from The Education University of Hong Kong in 2017 with a thesis regarding the effects of napping on attentional bias among people with depression. I always ponder on how environment shapes people’s emotion, thoughts, and behavior, and such interest extends beyond particular clinical population. I believe that early childhood experience plays important role in human development and I am particularly interested in knowing how family environment relates to child development. 

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Eevee Yu

Lab Member

I enjoy life with my lab people, especially with Menchie. I am pretty sassy. Thank you.

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Wa jai Chau

Lab Member

I occasionally bake for the team and yell whenever I’m hungry. Former lab member Tina bakes with me (for me) sometimes. Together, we feed the lab :)

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